The house of Lyly was built at 1928. The building was originally a home for Alfred Lyly and his family and an office for a sawmill. The building was designed by the Paatela architect brothers. Building represents 1920’s classism. In the 50’s the bond between the Lyly house and the sawmill was broken and the new purpose for the building was to be a business school. Since the year 1965 the workers’ institute has used the building as a space to study.

The house of Lyly was renamed as Taidetalo (the house of art) in november of 2012, as the second story of the building was opened to public as an art museum. The renovation was designed by architect SAFA Pasi Mäkinen.

Taidetalo of Loimaa is not just only a place to display the art collection of the city; it tells a story of traditions, education and the expression that art gives of the locality.

Loimaa Art Museum is located in the second story of Taidetalo. Collection exhibition is annual as the temporary exhibitions are changed in every 3-4 months.

The entrance of Taidetalo has a ramp and the display rooms can be accessed with a wheelchair.

From our museum shop you can find post cards, literature, tote bags, T-shirts and Loimaa-products. We also carry a jewellery line that was designed by Alpo Jaakola at 1993 for the Alpo Jaakola-collection of Ateljee Hulmi.

Kuvassa Taidemuseon myyntituotteita, kuten koruja, paitoja sekä kirjoja.

We organize concerts from classical to jazz and everything between in our Meeri-hall. Tuesday-concerts happen once in a month during the fall and spring. Tickets are 10/8€, with museokortti 7/5€. Free entry for the students of Loimaa Music Academy.