Loimaa Art Museum is a home for several art collections. The collection of the city of Loimaa contains over four hundred art pieces, most of them are painted by the artists of Loimaa area. Some works are donated, some were acquired quite randomly, but nowadays the collection is increased in a more systematic way.

Other essential part of Loimaa Art Museum is an art donation made by
Eino (1924–2010) and Meeri (1921–1996) Haapanen in 2010. They had been collecting art determinedly since the mid 1960’s, with a special interest in landscapes and the art of Finnish golden age. The collection comprise more than 150 paintings.

Very significant collection is the Alpo Jaakola -collection, of which most important part is the Statuary Park, built by the artist himself. There are more than fifty statues and hundreds of small paintings and carvings in the buildings around the park. In addition to the park, several dozens of paintings made by Alpo Jaakola are included in the collection.

Fourth founding part of the Loimaa Art Museum is photographer Elias Hollo’s collection of negatives. Life in Loimaa and Karelia from the early 1900’s to all the way to the 1960’s is portrayed in these five hundred negatives. In addition, the city of Loimaa has a large collection of pictures from other photographers, either placed or in possession.

In the summer of 2013, collection of fourty paintings belonging to the Artists’ Association of Finland were placed in the museum.

There is also few smaller collections of art placed in the Loimaa Art Museum.